When Does Extraction Of Front Tooth Become Necessary?

When Does Extraction Of Front Tooth Become Necessary?


Who does not want their smile to be perfect? A perfect smile needs a perfect set of teeth however, there are times when you might be recommended to go through tooth extraction for your front teeth. It is a shattering thought to have to remove your front teeth. Dentists in Siliguri say that there are reasons why this might be necessary. Due to the advancement of modern dentistry, just processes are made easier and painless now.

Table of content:

1. What is tooth extraction?

2. Reasons why front tooth extraction is required

3. Conclusion

What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure where the tooth needs to be removed from its dental alveolus or socket. Tooth extraction is a primary process performed by an oral surgeon. Dentists in Siliguri perform tooth extraction post-diagnosis and under extreme circumstances. They are highly skilled and are the most renowned dental option. They believe it is best to preserve the tooth and try every possible method.

The two kinds of extractions are:

  • Simple extraction- simple extractions are usually performed on the tooth that is visible in the mouth and is usually done under local anesthesia.
  • Surgical extractions- this is performed when the tooth cannot be easily accessed. This occurs when the tooth has not fully erupted or broken in the gum line.

Reasons why front tooth extraction is required

Permanent teeth extraction can be required in the following instances:

  • Tooth decay- when the teeth have undergone irreparable damage due to tooth decay and cannot be restored it will need removal. The tooth decay may reach the pulp of the teeth and the bacteria produced can cause severe infection. Extraction may be needed to avoid spreading.
  • Periodontal disease- periodontal diseases are gum diseases or infection that affects various structures of the tooth. The first stage of this disease is gingivitis. This is caused to bacteria in dental plaque. Dental hygiene can avoid such situations but severe forms of periodontal disease may cause loss of teeth.
  • Trauma- when trauma or injury causes the tooth to undergo damage the first way to preserve the teeth is by removing the damaged tooth. If the issue is serious then removing is an option.
  • Impacted tooth- when the tooth is impacted as in it is blocked from coming out or when the gums did not fully erupt preventing the tooth from coming out. This is usually seen in the case of wisdom teeth. Dentists in Siliguri suggest extraction in such cases to avoid conditions like overcrowding and help lower the chances of infection.
  • Overcrowding-the removal of one or more teeth may become necessary when there is overcrowding in the mouth. It also helps in straightening the teeth' alignment in the mouth.


Dentists in Siliguri in the Family dental clinic are top-notch dental specialists who treat your teeth and protect them from further damage. They try to avoid extraction procedures as much as possible but also provide remedies if it is necessary.


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