Cavity Prevention - Best Kids Dental Care

Cavity Prevention - Best Kids’ Dental Care


Regardless of age, a cavity is a commonly experienced dental concern worldwide. Cavity involves permanent damage to the tooth surface. Noticeable tiny holes on the teeth are cavities. Make sure you look after your child’s lifestyle in order to prevent the risks.

It’s true that oral care seems boring to almost every kid. So, it’s their parents who are responsible for making such a task interesting to them. Give them a colourful toothbrush, or let them choose their favourite ones. But know that you help them find soft bristle ones. These kinds of techniques you can apply. Reach out to the leading dentist for the best kids dental treatment in Siliguri.


Have A1 Expert Advice

Not maintaining oral care habits since childhood makes children more susceptible to teeth health concerns. An untreated cavity in children can interfere with their speaking, swallowing, or eating. However, a cavity doesn’t develop overnight. Therefore, by keeping lifestyle choices in a good state, you can secure your child’s oral health.

What are the signs?

An early-stage cavity may not show significant symptoms. With time being advanced, symptoms come to light, including:

  • Toothache
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth darkening
  • Tooth becoming light brown
  • Tiny but noticeable holes
  • White spots/marks on teeth

Be sure to monitor your child’s health. Plus, if your child complains about pain or sensitivity to cold, hot, or sweet food items, see a dentist early on. The more delay, the higher risk of getting affected by other complications.

What are the risk factors?

Reasons for getting a cavity can be several, such as:

  • Inadequate brushing can be alarming for dental health
  • Consuming too many sugary foods or beverage items let bacteria harbour in the mouth
  • Do your kids consume snacks frequently? If yes, then it’s a risk factor.
  • Lack of saliva increases the chance of bacteria remaining inside the mouth.
  • Over time dental fillings get weaker, uplifting your risks of tooth decay, therefore, a cavity

If bacteria start to build up, with time, that bacteria accumulation turns into tartar. Tartar is a hard calcified substance responsible for tooth decay. And if decay progresses without expert attention, it doubles the possibility of developing cavities. Be more attentive to your kid’s health so as to prevent complications.




In order to treat cavities in kids, dentists may recommend a few medical procedures. Not every child requires the same treatment goals. Based on how far the cavity goes, doctors approach treatments, like:

  • Fluoride treatment helps reinstate the enamel damage in the early stage.
  • A dental crown suggested by an expert repairs enamel damage, plus, boosting the appearance of the teeth.
  • A filling is a commonly performed clinical procedure to help stop a cavity from developing. It improves both the structure and colour of the teeth.
  • Root canal therapy is great when the infection is about to reach the nerves. RC/root canal therapy prevents the infection to spread to the neighbouring teeth. Connect with the best Siliguri dental clinic for better recovery.

In case nothing can help the inflammation, tooth extraction is the best way to deal with it. No worry because dentists are responsible enough to look after the condition with utmost care. Medical care is always at the ready to serve your child’s wellness.

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