Best Dental Clinic To Heal Swollen Gums

Best Dental Clinic To Heal Swollen Gums


Gum health is nothing to overlook at all. This soft tissue gives a seal around your teeth. For many a reason, your gums become swollen or puffy. Such swelling, at times, is too much that it covers a certain area of your teeth. When it occurs, the colour turns brighter than pink.

Gingiva is the medical term for gums. And this puffiness is known as gingival swelling. This condition can easily be treated under expert supervision. Home remedies also work here may include rinsing your mouth with saltwater, placing a warm compress, or gentle brushing. Get A1 oral guidance from the top dental clinic in Siliguri city.


Swollen Gums Require Immediate Care

This blog covers the possible causes of swollen gums. Read on to get insight into the topic.

Given below are some reasons for gingival swelling:


Gingivitis refers to a mild stage of gum infection that leads to swelling, including bleeding gums, bad breath, tenderness, and dark red gums. If this condition remains untreated, further inflammation called periodontitis can take place.

Periodontitis can be responsible for causing gum and jawbone damage. With periodontitis, you get symptoms similar to gingivitis. Other signs of this disease may include the development of push between gums and teeth, painful biting/chewing, loose teeth, etc.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Dental problems often start with a poor oral care routine. Besides brushing and flossing your teeth every day, food choices should be healthy. Sticky, sugary, and spicy foods more often irritate your dental health.

Plus, if you do not practice two-time brushing, the chance of plaque build-up in your mouth increases. Accumulation of plaque with time develops into tartar, solid calcified formation. Eat crunchy veggies along with fruits. In addition, bring fluoride toothpaste for better protection.


Lacking essential nutrients in the body results in various health concerns. Here being malnourished may cause a number of oral health issues, including gum disease. The deficiency of vitamin C and B over time can affect your gums to a very great extent.

In order to prevent the risk, add leafy greens, carrots, pears, apples, nuts, fatty fish, and yogurt to your diet plan. You can avail of guidance on food variety for healthy gums and teeth from your dentist or nutritionist.




Getting swollen gums during pregnancy is a common complaint. The fluctuation of hormones this time makes gums more sensitive to such discomforts, known as pregnancy gingivitis. Often this time, the natural response to bacteria may result in periodontitis.

However, securing health against such issues is no big task. Maintaining day-to-day brushing of teeth, brushing twice a day, visiting a dentist, eating well and overall health care help keep well-being in a good state. be sure to steer of foods that bring about acidity or gas. Seeing the best dentist in Siliguri can be outright beneficial.

In case the expectant mother has health concerns like diabetes, here being mindful of lifestyle choices is of importance. If you see applying home remedies fails to heal these discomforts, reach out to a doctor. The more you delay, the higher risk of developing gum complications. 

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