Treatment Options For Multiple Missing Teeth

Treatment Options For Multiple Missing Teeth


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  • H1: Causes of multiple missing teeth

  • H2: What are the treatment options for multiple missing teeth

A missing tooth is often a source of insecurity or maybe embarrassment. If you're having trouble chewing or speaking thanks to tooth loss, Siliguri dental clinic offers multiple treatment options which will replace missing teeth while leaving you with a more attractive and youthful-looking smile. they frequently incorporate new technologies into her practice as a part of her commitment to staying on top of the newest advancements in dentistry.

Causes of multiple missing teeth

Certain systemic conditions usually inherited disorders, also end in multiple missing teeth. one of the foremost common genetic defects affecting teeth is named ectodermal dysplasia. Individuals suffering from this syndrome often have missing teeth. A patient with congenitally missing teeth related to ectodermal dysplasia should have the dental problems evaluated early in life, and a prosthodontist’s training allows a comprehensive approach to the missing teeth

What are the treatment options for multiple missing teeth?

It is important to exchange missing teeth for correct chewing of food, jaw support, stability of the remaining teeth, and a beautiful smile. Missing teeth disrupt proper function and therefore the teeth next to and above the missing tooth/teeth will shift, move, and tip into the space in time. it's much easier to revive a missing tooth soon after it's lost than waiting for a variety of years after teeth have shifted significantly.

Dental implants

Dental implants are metal posts that substitute missing roots. Once the titanium implants are set in your jaw and have fully healed, Siliguri dental clinic can place a private crown on the implant. Implant-supported dentures make use of numerous implant columns. There are many exclusiveassistances to using dental implants. The posts stimulate jawbone growth, meaning you'll not need to worry about jawbone recession near the implant sites. Implants also function and desire normal teeth. Patients who use the posts to support their dentures don't need to worry about their prosthetic slipping.


Dentures are an excellent option for replacing multiple teeth or a whole arch of missing teeth. Our office offers multiple denture options. Comprehensive dentures swap the upper and lower set of teeth. Incomplete dentures are detachable and replace one or more lost teeth. We also offer implant-supported dentures, which are more stable and need the surgical placement of implant posts in your jawbone.


Dental bridges replace multiple neighbouring teeth. The prosthetics are often held in situ using neighbouring crowns that act as abutments. Dental bridges can reinstate chewing, speaking, and other oral purposes. The prosthetics also aid in preventing tooth shifting, which frequently occurs when missing teeth aren't replaced.

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