Teeth Implants For Older Adults

Teeth Implants For Older Adults


As we grow older, we need to work harder to keep our bodies healthy and fit. Often we forget that oral health is a big part of staying healthy too. We can do this by practicing good oral hygiene which included regular checkup and cleanings. However, in spite of our best efforts some of us still manage to lose a few teeth along the way. The silver lining for seniors in all of that is that dentures are not the only option for replacement teeth and dental clinic in Siliguri offer dental implants.

Table of contents:

  1. Dental Implants for seniors
  2. Advantages of Dental Implants for seniors
  3. Recovery for seniors from the procedure

Dental Implants for seniors

Dental implants are attached to the gums with the help of a surgical procedure that is performed by a prosthodontist or a periodontist. During this procedure, the dentists at a dental clinic in Siliguri attach tiny metal rods to the jawbone. Once, these rods fuse with the bone, a connector is then attached and is capped off with an artificial crown. This procedure is done by putting the patient under local or general anesthesia and over the counter pain killers can be used to help with the dental implant recovery.   

Advantages of Dental Implants for seniors

Better Eating: Getting back the ability of biting and chewing capabilities, seniors can eat foods that once caused pain and irritation. Once the full bite is restored, they can enjoy the fruits and vegetables that they like. The nutritional benefits from from eating a variety of foods lead to an overall improvement in health and energy levels. Being able to chew your food properly also aids the digestive process which is also greatly beneficial for their health.

Feel Better: When you look better, you feel better. When you can eat what you want, you get all of the proper nutrients and feel healthier. When you feel better internally it also improves the overall quality of life and also gives them the chance to smile freely.

Save Money: Dentures are prone to breaking and require constant maintenance. Dental implants are a onetime investment that provides a permanent dental solution for the patients. It may be costlier at first but it pays for itself over the years. 

Recovery for seniors from the procedure

The procedure to place dental implants is a minimally invasive and a gentle procedure. For most seniors, the first 24-28 hour period results in the development of moderate pressure pain but with minimal swelling. After the 48 hour mark, the implant site settles quickly and is usually unremarkable and trouble free for the rest of its existence in your mouth.  

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