Poor Habits That Can Be Harmful To Your Teeth

Habits That Are Harmful To Teeth


A beautiful smile is desired by all, and beauty starts with a precious smile. everything needs proper maintenance. We all know the fact that how essential it is to brush and floss your teeth regularly. From sticky foods to soda drinks, these all are favorite parts of eating habits that can bring a major hindrance to our teeth and gum health. Looking for an everlasting and comprehensive teeth solution? Visit the finest Dental Clinic in Siliguri – Family Dental Clinic, providing a wide range of treatments with the top dentists and advanced dental tools.

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  •  Habits that are harmful to teeth
  • Treatments for damaged teeth

Habits that are harmful to teeth

Steer away these following habits to prevent your teeth:

Smoking and Chewing Tobacco: These are considered deadly not only for your teeth health but for your overall health. Quitting cigarettes and chewing tobacco are must prevent further complications. They can stain your teeth, encourage gum disease. Consult a dentist on how to quit these habits.

Sugary and Sticky foods: We love enjoying random foods but often consumption of such foods invites different types of issues for our teeth. Sticky and Sugary foods can stick around in your teeth for a long time and advance teeth decay.

Sports drinks and Soda drinks: they are quite similar to sugary foods, being high in sugar content increases the chance of tooth decay. They leave a satin of acid on the enamel of teeth every time you consume such things.

Rough Brushing: It is commonly seen in the masses, maybe one is in a rush or it’s his way of brushing. This aggressive way of brushing teeth can be responsible for your enamel erosion and gum issues over time.

Teeth as a tool:do you consider your teeth a tool? Not good for anyone at all. Using teeth as if a tool to open packages, bottles, fixing, or pulling things is quite dangerous for you. Quit such habits otherwise they can cause dental emergencies.

Binge-Eating: Do you binge eat or know someone who does? This habit not only encourages poor dental conditions but also causes obesity. When you binge-eat, you just hurriedly engulf the leftover food, and sugar contents stay in between your teeth that produce acids and promote teeth issues.

Improper Hydration: Hydration play a key role in protecting your overall teeth health. Drinking adequate water washes away all the food particles left after ingesting food and rinse away all the chemicals or tannins due to stain-causing foods and drinks you consume. 

Treatments for damaged teeth: Although human teeth are strong enough, yet can break, crack or fracture. And if your teeth habits contain some of the worst practices then it will amplify your overall teeth complications. Dealing with teeth decay, gum disease, cavities, periodontitis, oral cancer or cracked teeth is alarming. If you are facing such issues you need to see a dentist. 

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