Consult The Best Dental Clinic For Tooth Erosion

Reach The Best Dental Clinic To Treat Tooth Erosion


Did you know dental enamel is the hardest tissue in your body? Yes! And this tough shell keeps your teeth protected against damage. However, this tissue can wear away due to several factors. Exposure to bodily acids and acidic foods/drinks can affect this tissue (enamel), leading to tooth erosion.

Signs or symptoms of tooth erosion may vary. But if you experience ongoing tooth sensitivity, toothache, or your tooth becomes stained, visit a dentist. Depending on the loss of the tooth enamel, you receive medical care. For advanced oral care treatments, you can connect with the best dental clinic in Siliguri.



Knowing the Signs of Tooth Erosion

Outlined below are possible symptoms/signs of enamel erosion that you should not ignore:

  • Tooth sensitivity to food temperatures, and food tastes
  • Tooth edges become rougher
  • Toothache
  • Cracked/chipped tooth
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Shiny, yellowish spots on teeth
  • Indentation/cupping in teeth
  • Tooth decay

These symptoms indicate other dental problems as well. Therefore, it’s wise to speak to a dentist to identify if something is wrong with your oral health. Getting medical guidance early on can significantly prevent complications.


What Can Lead to Tooth Erosion?

There is a slew of causes that make your enamel more likely to lose its strength. Given below are prominent causes of enamel erosion:

  • Too much consumption of sugary foods (ice creams, caramel, candies), carbonated drinks, sports drinks, artificial fruit juices, wines, sodas, alcoholic beverages may gradually lead to enamel erosion.
  • GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)/ heartburn cause stomach acid to flow back to your mouth. This health condition, with time, increases the likelihood of enamel loss.
  • Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders are associated with a progressive loss of tooth enamel. Plus, GI problems can result in tooth decay as these disorders harbor bacteria.
  • Persistent dry mouth means a lack of presence of saliva in your mouth. Saliva keeps your mouth hydrated and protects your teeth against decay by neutralizing acids. While on the contrary, dry mouth fails to neutralize acids from foods you consume. And that lets acids affect your tooth's hard surface.
  • Frequent teeth grinding (tooth-to-tooth friction) weakens your teeth. And over time, this condition wears down your enamel.
  • Biting down on something too hard, vigorous brushing, chewing tobacco is downright alarming for tooth erosion.


To prevent tooth erosion, you need to be mindful of certain factors, like – brushing your teeth gently, refraining from highly acidic foods, rinsing your mouth properly after consuming acidic foods, drinking an adequate amount of water. Make sure to limit sugary food items. Come forward and see the leading dentist in Siliguri

Your dentist first ensures the loss. Now, based on the portion of your tooth enamel being eroded/damaged, your doctor may suggest – tooth bonding, or dental crown. Do not avoid the vital signs mentioned above to safeguard tooth enamel against complications.

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