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Cavity refers to tiny holes in your tooth that are a result of erosion of tooth enamel. These areas are permanently impaired portions caused by plaque accumulation in your mouth. Tooth decay or cavity is one of the most frequent health issues in the world that affect anyone at any stage.

That means babies, toddlers, teens, children, younger adults, and older adults are equally at risk of cavities. However, risk factors can be different for individuals. Therefore, you have to make sure of certain things, like – Are you aware of your day-to-day oral care or hygiene? Come forward and conversate with your dentist at the best dental clinic in Siliguri.

Let’s understand the signs of cavity/tooth decay:

  • Spontaneous tooth pain
  • Sensitive tooth
  • Bad breath
  • Redness inside your mouth
  • Gum disease
  • Noticeable holes in your tooth (once the problem gets advanced)
  • Tooth staining

Not everyone with a cavity undergoes the same discomfort since it depends on how mature the condition is and its location. It’s always best if you reach out to your doctor soon after getting the symptoms of tooth decay.


See Are You at Risk of Cavity?

Identifying what contributes to tooth decay/cavity can be of utmost help in terms of early treatment. Plus, remember, the following risk factors not only causes cavity but also lead to other oral health problems:


Poor Oral Care Routine

Exactly why people overlook dental care that’s what they know better; however, this ignorance significantly increases your risk for such conditions. Some people brush their teeth speedily that may leave bacteria inside the mouth.

And with time, this can trigger oral health. At the same time, ignoring brushing twice a day can be alarming because bacteria can remain left inside. Also, a lack of fluoride potentially increases your risk of a cavity as it disturbs the process of mineralization of teeth and bones.

See your dentist in Siliguri and discuss if you feel any tooth discomfort. So that, you can optimally reduce your risk before it gets worse.


Too Much Snacking

Did you know if you keep snacking on junk foods, sugary food items, or drinking carbonated/ artificial juices that can affect your oral health? Yes, they do; moreover, these food/drink items not only affect your oral health but also influence your overall wellbeing. Thus, you have to be more attentive to your diet and lifestyle from now on.


Location of the Tooth

Both premolar and molar teeth tend to receive the effects of tooth decay. Because they have several roots, crannies, grooves, food particles easily get trapped there. With time, due to plaque deposit, your chance of tooth decay progresses naturally.


Dry Mouth

A dry mouth means a lack of saliva. Proper saliva production lubricates easily when you bite down on foods and start to chew. In addition, it counterbalances the bad acids and prevents germs inside your mouth.

Whereas dry mouth can invite a host of dental health issues in your life. Receive guidance from your dentist as specialists know better what could be right for your wellness. Schedule an appointment with one of the leading dentists at the best dental clinic in Siliguri. Your doctor can offer several types of dental treatments assured by your condition, like – Dental fillings, fluoride treatments, root canal treatment, dental crowns, tooth extraction.

Early medical guidance and care can safeguard your oral health against adversaries. Simultaneously, besides medical help, make sure to bring some healthy changes to your everyday practice for quality recovery from dental problems.

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