Bad Breath – Causes And How To Get Rid Of Permanently?

Bad Breath – Causes And How To Get Rid Of Permanently?


Bad breath is also medically known as halitosis and the simple cause of it is nothing but bad oral hygiene. It is an odor-producing bacteria that grow in the mouth. If you don’t brush on a consistent basis, the bacteria left in the food in your mouth released sulfur which causes a bad smell in your breath.

Bad breath is one of the embarrassing health conditions that might hamper your life. To get rid of it permanently, you can simply visit the best dental clinic in Siliguri. The role of the dentist here is very important to identify your problem and solve it.

What Are The Causes of Bad Breath?

When we talk about bad breath there are many risk factors are exist. Bad breath problems include unhealthy food, tobacco products, dry mouth, health problems, dental problems, medications, oral infections. Some common causes are following:

1) Unhealthy Food

As we know, food is the primary source of bad breath that comes from the mouth. This includes garlic, onions, spicy fast foods, fish, meat, and acidic beverages such as tea (milk) and coffee. Apart from that, alcohol also causes bad breath.

Remedy to get rid of: Try to avoid unhealthy food that might look tasty in the mouth and lucrative in the eyes, but not healthy to live.

2) Tobacco Products

Smoking and chewing tobacco products are always injuries to health which we notice each time we see any TV programs or in the movies as a health advisory warning. These products also appreciate bad breath as well as gum diseases and even mouth cancers.

Remedy to get rid of: A complete rejection will definitely aid you and saves your family from unknown loss.

3) Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is also known as xerostomia, can cause bad breath. When our body is unable to produce enough saliva, bad breath occurs. Dry mouth is just the result of it and it is caused by salivary gland problems.

Remedy to get rid of: Take plenty of water to avoid this problem.

4) Health Problems

If you are dealing with sinus infections, tonsil stones, diabetes, bronchitis, acid reflux, and stomach or liver diseases, or even kidney diseases then having bad breath is very common.

Remedy to get rid of: Routinely proper medical check-up is important to avoid those problems.

5) Dental Problems

Poor dental care sometimes leads your health to an adverse condition. Taking food and avoid brushing is a very common problem of bad breath.

Remedy to get rid of: Brush properly and if possible wash your mouth every time you intake something.

When To Take An Appointment?

Taking an appointment is necessary if you are suffering from the following conditions:

  • Constant dry mouth
  • Infection in the mouth
  • Difficulty with chewing
  • Pain during swallowing
  • Anonymous dental pain
  • White spots on tonsils   

 How Do Dentists Diagnose Bad Breaths?

Sometimes, home remedies for bad breath might not give you long-term benefits. In this case, a proper dental treatment might help. However, if this problem is chronic, then it’s necessary to get in touch with a dentist in Siliguri who will examine to look after if any infection exists such as dry mouth, gum disease, etc.

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