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Restoration / Fillings

Caries / decay of tooth is an infectious disease of the teeth that results in destruction of the tooth tissue. Some early symptoms would be any discoloration, transient sensitivity to cold/sweet foods which would progress into a cavity/hole in the tooth leading to food lodgement along with more severe constant pain. Bad breath is also one of the symptoms indicating dental disease.


Treatment modalities at the earliest sign can be a simple restoration of the decayed tooth with different materials like tooth-coloured filings known as composite. Further progress of caries (causing pain) could lead infection of the pulp tissue which lies in the centre of the tooth requiring root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatment/ RCT:

Root canal treatment/ RCT

Root canal therapy is a specialized from of dental procedure designed to retain a tooth. The term ‘root canal’ comes from the canal inside a tooth’s root which contain never tissue, blood vessel and connective tissue. Once this tissue is damaged (due to decay, trauma, crack), the only course of treatment is to remove the damaged tissue and seal off the tooth which is referred to as RCT. If left behind, this infected tissue can cause to build up at the root in the jaw bone, forming a tooth abscess or jaw abscess. RCT treated tooth which has been restored properly can last a lifetime with proper care.

Scaling / Cleaning of Teeth

Scaling /Cleaning of Teeth

Another important part of our mouth are the gums which hold our tooth in proper position. Symptoms which would indicate a periodontal disease/ disease of the gums include bleeding of gums during or after tooth brushing, red swollen or tender gums, bad breath/ bad taste in mouth. As disease progresses it results in receding gums /longer appearing teeth, lose or shifting teeth to painful chewing.

Professional cleaning of teeth known as scaling is the primary and most important treatment modality. Use of medications, mouthwashes or surgical intervention be required in certain situations.

Smile Design / Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Today, cosmetic dentistry is more popular than ever, from whitening and shaping of uneven teeth to closing spaces, replacing teeth, rebuilding of broken teeth.